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PTP provides excellent Marine Facilities
for all vessel traffic going through its waterfront limit.

Pilotage is compulsory within the limit of Tanjung. Pelepas Port and the service is provided by PTP round the clock. Minimum 7 days notification of ETA shall be given to Port Control Centre. Upon submission of Registration forms a Vessel Call Number (VCN) will be generated


The pilot station is located at Lat. 01° 14.7’N Long 103° 32.2’E. Vessels approaching from the East or westbound lane are advised to approach the channel at an angle of not more than 20 degrees. This is due to the existence of cross current at the entrance area. A guide for entering the channel will be the first pair of buoys and the sector light. The Racon (M) (3cm) fitted at Tg. Piai beacon can also be an approaching guide by Parallel Indexing should the need arises. All vessels operating within the port limit area are under the surveillance of the Port Radar System (PRS). For arrival of vessels: 3 hours minimum notice required for pilot bookings. For vessel’s departure: 3 hours minimum notice required for pilot bookings.


The shipmaster upon the advice of the pilot shall determine the number of tugs to be deployed. Most of the tugboats are fitted with fire fighting equipment and 40 - 65ton bollard pull with 3000 - 5400 horsepower engines.


At Berth - Fresh water supply via pipelines can be arranged at PTP berths.