Our Approach

Driven by a strong sense of purpose, our effort in sustainability is built on various initiatives, we have put in place to strengthen values and create positive impacts for the people and the planet. With our Sustainability Framework, we embarked on a voyage to transform into one of the world’s smartest green ports. Today, sustainability is an integral element in our business strategy.

Environment: Clean Operations for Climate Protection


At PTP, we place a strong focus on sustainable development through the commitments spelt out in our Health Safety and Environment Policy, accessible on our corporate website. Adopting the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) principles of environment, PTP is committed to achieving the highest environmental standards by improving our environmental performance and minimizing our environmental impacts through our collective efforts in biodiversity conservation, climate change strategy and energy, waste and water management.

Social: Benefits for Business and Society


Our people are the essence of our business. To ensure our operations run smoothly, we make continuous efforts to attract, retain and motivate employees to ensure they remain competent and satisfied in their various job roles. We also continuously strive to achieve the highest occupational safety and health standards to protect our people and co-workers whilst continuing to support and cater to the needs of customers and communities. Through our community engagement and development initiatives, we are dedicated to fostering positive and enduring change in the countries where we operate, to create sustainable impact and to benefit the local communities.

Governance: Highly Trusted Organisation


PTP continues to monitor the business landscape, adhering to legislative and regulatory requirements to actively manage potential future risks. We also seek to instill a culture of ethics and integrity, ensuring that we remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements. Due to the nature of our business, PTP place great emphasis on sustainable supply chains in addition to strengthening the security and resilience of our digital systems and data protection. We ensure that we strive to provide the best quality services to all our clients throughout all business sectors.