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The talent we’ve developed here is product of professionalism and dedication. Run by a motivated team that’s driven by mutual understanding, teamwork bonding’s and high integrity blended with trust and diligence.

Learning & Development

  • Ownership for self-development and discover possibilities 
  • A new mind of Upskilling, Reskilling and Preparing for  Future skill-set
  • Learning is lifelong journey
  • Motivation by social learning 
  • Utilize our learning and development resources wisely
  • Recognize and reward learning and development as an achievement


  • Skills Development
  • Everyone has a talent and ability to learn
  • We develop your skills and competency through a structured training process
  • We build a foundation for new skills through theory and experience learning programme
  • We provide an upskilling and advanced training culture as an added value
  • Join us for a continuous and exciting learning adventure

Employee Industrial Relation

  • Everyone is family
  • At PTP, our comprehensive healthcare and insurance benefits cover you and your loved ones 24/7. So you don’t have to worry

Compensation & Benefits

  • We are accountable and committed in ensuring fair and equitable compensation at all organization levels
  • We focus on people as employees is company’s valuable’s asset
  • To motivate employees to work at their peak performance
  • To reward individual excellence

Human Capital Management Services

  • Your career growth at PTP is guaranteed
  • Everyone has a chance to excel in their field provided they are willing to give it their all
  • As one of the best port in world, we also want our employees to echo the same motto of being the best


  1. Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource
  2. Required language : English & Bahasa Malaysia
  3. CGPA : At least 3.00 and above
  4. Fast learner, independent & self motivated
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Job Description
  1. To plan, execute & sustainability of new implementation initiatives to improve terminal daily operations.
  2. Responsible for all level 4 students to be role model, coach & guide them throughout their journey to graduate.
  3. To ensure all the Kaizen initiatives in Operations Division is follow the timeline & achieve the target.
  4. Responsible for the development and implementation of Operations improvement project and processes throughout the business that deliver an integrated Operations structure.
  5. Responsible for the promotion of a Transformation (LEAN for All) culture and for raising awareness with a view to elevating practises and processes to a higher standard.
  6. Responsible for the identification and implementation of training and awareness programs that address relevant project areas that require on-going attention and commitment.
  7. To ensure all the improvement project and processes initiates by all the Department/Section in Operations Division is updated in time and deliver as per scope.
  8. To ensurenew operations initiatives comply with safety elements of terminal.
  9. Responsible for the LEAN level 4 students progress.
  10. Responsible in representing to engage with internal and external stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the new process implementation and compliance.
  1. At least 3 -5 years of experiences in Terminal Operating System;
  2. Good written and verbal communication skills;
  3. Good presentation and facilitation skills;
  4. Strong interpersonal skills, effective negotiation skills and conflict resolution skills;
  5. Strong analytical, practical and problem-solving skills.
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Job Description
  1. Carry out security duty at any location assign.
  2. To conduct traffic control within port of Tanjung Pelepas area.
  3. To conduct checks and supplying fresh water as request by vessel.
  4. To deter any unlawful act or arson by conducting land marine patrol.
  5. To participate in training related activities in security and emergency services matter.
  6. To safe guard company assets and to safe guard essential and sensitive place within Port ff Tanjung Pelepas.
  7. Responsible to enforce laws and orders in port area including on security and emergency matters where they are entrusted to carry out.
  1. Minimum Qualification - SPM.
  2. Ability to mix at all level of people.
  3. Experience in security field is advantage.
  4. Good command of English & Bahasa Malaysia language, and excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
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Job Description
  1. Collaborate and coordinate with external & internal teams to ensure that transformation and culture change are being implemented and sustained across all functional units and aligned with new Vision, Mission and medium to long term strategies
  2. Drive, align and implement transformation initiatives in Operations, Engineering & Facilities, Corporate and other divisions / departments
  3. Lead, implement and monitor strategic initiatives as per project timeline and ensure deliverables are aligned with company direction & expectation
  4. Review medium to long term strategies, ensure KPIs alignment across company and monitor company’s performance towards excellence through improvements
  5. Drive PTP WoW implementation and improvement
  6. Lead, implement and monitor project for launching new Vision, Mission and Core Values and embed new culture in organization
  7. Initiate, lead and manage strategic initiatives as per agreed timeline and meet target objectives
  8. Conduct trainings under PTP WoW (e.g. Lean Academy), provide coaching & mentoring whenever required and facilitate brainstorming & discussion sessions (e.g. management retreat)
  9. Responsible for the implementation of Information Security (IS) and IT policies that reflect the organization’s needs with regard to the protection of information and assets and the integrity and privacy of the organization’s intellectual property
  1. Bachelor or higher degree preferable
  2. At least 3-5 years of experiences in project management.
  3. Experience with terminal operations and change management is an advantage
  4. Fluency in local language and English, both written and spoken
  5. Good presentation and facilitation skills
  6. Strong change management and interpersonal skills, able to focus on business impact and change in behaviour for the new way of working and thinking
  7. Good collaboration and coordination skills
  8. Ability to drive implementation of new processes and support the organizational changes
  9. Ability to communicate at all levels across the local organization and guide them toward the local achievements
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Job Description
  1. To maintain adequate levels of stock to meet daily demands while minimizing excess supply by performing Forecast Management, PIPO/VAVE Management, Inventory Strategy and to work very closely with the Warehouse team, Engineering & Facilities Department, Procurement & Tender Secretariat , Project Integration, Operation team to improve and achieve high level of inventory control in order to support Supply Chain Department to achieve level of supply ability
  2. Maintain a positive attitude that promotes teamwork within the cooperative and a favourable image of the cooperative
  3. Develop the potential future managers by mentoring and enrichment
  4. Monitors, manage and control a Material Planning Section including to provide training to all subordinates of all planning team in various system
  5. Ensure all Supply Chain processes are compliance to all business requirements
  6. Collaborate with all stakeholders to perform various strategies and coordinate with Engineering & Facilities Department, Project Integration Department, Operation Department to monitor all supply chain activities and resolve all availability issues
  7. Maintains optimally efficient of all inventory items such as spare part, tools and consumable
  1. Tertiary Qualifications in Commercial Degree / Inventory/Panning/ Supply Chain/ Procurement /Engineering is essential
  2. Minimum 7 - 10 years’ experience in progressive Inventory/ Planning Management experience or another related field
  3. Significant experience in converting business requirements into strategic outcomes
  4. Experience in managing a dynamic and multi-disciplined team
  5. Experience in managing multiple stakeholder relationships through high level collaboration and negotiation
  6. MRP/ERP system experience
  7. Knowledge in Inventory strategies (ABCXYZ Analysis, Safety Stock, Re-order Point, etc.)
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  1. Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree / Diploma of Finance or Accounting or equivalent
  2. Required language : English & Bahasa Malaysia
  3. CGPA : At least 2.67 and above
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