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Learning & Development

  • Ownership for self-development and discover possibilities 
  • A new mind of Upskilling, Reskilling and Preparing for  Future skill-set
  • Learning is lifelong journey
  • Motivation by social learning 
  • Utilize our learning and development resources wisely
  • Recognize and reward learning and development as an achievement


  • Skills Development
  • Everyone has a talent and ability to learn
  • We develop your skills and competency through a structured training process
  • We build a foundation for new skills through theory and experience learning programme
  • We provide an upskilling and advanced training culture as an added value
  • Join us for a continuous and exciting learning adventure

Employee Industrial Relation

  • Everyone is family
  • At PTP, our comprehensive healthcare and insurance benefits cover you and your loved ones 24/7. So you don’t have to worry

Compensation & Benefits

  • We are accountable and committed in ensuring fair and equitable compensation at all organization levels
  • We focus on people as employees is company’s valuable’s asset
  • To motivate employees to work at their peak performance
  • To reward individual excellence

Human Capital Management Services

  • Your career growth at PTP is guaranteed
  • Everyone has a chance to excel in their field provided they are willing to give it their all
  • As one of the best port in world, we also want our employees to echo the same motto of being the best


Job Summary

To carry out all Buildings and warehouses architecture maintenance, and all matter relating to the building structure and architecture up keeping.

Job Description
  1. Responsible for the wellbeing of the building structure and architecture features and assist in monitoring the Civil Management section’s development, maintenance, corrective works progress
  2. Carry out inspection of for all Building, warehouses as planned and report findings.
  3. Monitor the contractor’s quality and safety during their job execution.
  4. Monitor, advice the contractor’s program and progress all Building, warehouses for Civil Management Section area works.
  5. Inspection and liaise with Free zone tenant / customer on the remedial works to carry out.
  6. Prepare and verify checklist on inspection for all Building, warehouses and area works.
  7. To carry out minor repair, attend complaint or minor maintenance works as directed.
  8. To perform any other duties as directed by the superior from time to time.
  1. Possess a Diploma in Civil/Structure Building/Architecture/Building Materials or other relevant courses.
  2. At least 1 year experience in steel structure/ concrete structure/ wood structure/ furniture/ renovation/ materials/ architecture feature installation and maintenance.
  3. Able to provide cost estimates for work including taking data, prepare sketches and diagrams
  4. Able to carry-out inspection of works and provide an assessment of the works
  5. Review drawings and specifications pertaining to construction works and repairs
  6. Prepare reports from site visit, surveys or field inspection
  7. Ablity to monitor contractors’ works
  8. Resourceful and well organized.
  9. Good communication and reasoning abilities. Sound judgment.
  10. Good command of Bahasa Malaysia and English
  11. Proficiency in Autocad.
  12. Proficiency with MS Office.

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Job Summary

Responsible for the management of all maintenance and enhancement under Utilities & Mechanical.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Responsible for the delivery of a high standard of maintenance to Mechanical & Utility.
  2. Responsible for providing functional and well-maintain asset for the business at building and plant services
  3. Responsible for developing and implementing effective preventative maintenance plans for PTP facilities.
  4. Responsible for ensuring all safety standards are complied with throughout the department.
  5. Responsible for the ongoing review of process performance and the timely identification of risk that may result in increased costs and /or facilities failure.
  6. Responsible to ensure building and plant are functional as intended and fit for use.
  7. Accountable to verify plan is executed effectively.
  8. Responsible of the performance of building and plants deliverable in accordance to agreed KPI’s.
  9. Responsible for ensuring adequate resources to deliver required deliverables
  10. Responsible to ensure adequate level of liaison and consultation with internal, external stakeholders and governmental agencies.
  11. Responsible for the implementation of Information Security (IS) and IT Policies that reflect the organisation’s needs with regard to the protection of information and assets and the integrity and privacy of the organisation’s intellectual property.
  1. Candidate must possess at least Degree in any Engineering in any related discipline from any recognized Institution.
  2. Minimum 8 years’ experience in engineering or port related field.
  3. Formal qualifications in an Engineering discipline or Project Management.
  4. Proven experience in managing multiple projects with differing levels of complexity.
  5. Proven experience in managing large, multi-functional teams.
  6. Excellent organizational skills with demonstrated ability to execute projects on time and within budget.
  7. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.

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Job Summary

Responsible in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of our port mechanical equipment. Primary responsibility will be to perform maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair tasks on various mechanical systems, including Quay Cranes (QC), Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) and other equipment essential to the operation of the terminal. To work closely with other team of managers, engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel to maintain the highest level of operational readiness and safety standards.

Key Responsibilities
  1. Mechanical Equipment Maintenance: Perform routine maintenance and repair tasks on a wide range of mechanical equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes but is not limited to Quay Cranes (QC), Rubber Tyre Gantry (RTG) and various other port-related machinery.
  2. Equipment Reliability: Identify and monitor the reliability of improvement projects as per project milestones. Analyze breakdown reports and rectify the issues during maintenance.
  3. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics: Identify and diagnose mechanical issues and malfunctions through the use of testing equipment, technical manuals, and your expertise. Collaborate with the maintenance team to develop effective solutions.
  4. Preventive Maintenance: Implement preventive maintenance schedules for all mechanical equipment to minimize downtime and reduce unexpected breakdowns.
  5. Safety Compliance: Adhere to safety protocols and standards while performing maintenance tasks to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment.
  6. Parts and Inventory Management: Maintain an inventory of necessary spare parts and tools, and order replacements as needed to ensure continuous availability for repairs and maintenance.
  7. Documentation: Keep detailed records of maintenance activities, inspections, repairs, and spare parts inventory. Report on maintenance tasks and provide recommendations for improvements.
  8. Collaboration: Work closely with other team of managers, engineers, technicians and maintenance personnel to provide technical support, share knowledge, and ensure smooth operations.
  9. Emergency Response: Be prepared to respond to emergency maintenance situations promptly and effectively, minimizing equipment downtime during critical operations.
  10. Training: Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in mechanical technology and participate in training programs as needed to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  11. Role Replacement: Any other duties that are assigned by superior which not stated at the above-mentioned to achieve the departmental and sectional objectives. Prepare warranty claim reports. Prepare and evaluate PMDS for subordinates.
  1. Bachelor’s Degree/ Professional Degree in Engineering (Mechanical / Mechatronic).
  2. Knowledge and experience in port Equipment or similar heavy equipment machines industry in mechanical and Hydraulic systems like but not limited to, Brakes, gearboxes, wire ropes,…ETC.
  3. At least 10 Year (s) of working experience in the related field with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a leadership capacity.
  4. Proven experience in maintaining and repairing mechanical equipment, preferably in a Container Port Terminal.
  5. Strong understanding of mechanical systems and components(Structure inspection experience would be an additional advantage).
  6. Knowledge of safety regulations and best practices in a container port terminal environment.
  7. Excellent troubleshooting and diagnostic skills.
  8. Ability to work in various weather conditions and in physically demanding situations.
  9. Proficiency in using hand and power tools.
  10. Strong communication and teamwork skills.
  11. Willingness to work in shifts and respond to emergencies outside regular working hours.

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Job Summary

Responsible to supervise and lead team of technicians by coordinating daily activities, managing the team's performance, and maintaining a strong commitment to safety, quality, and productivity and ensuring the safety, efficiency, and productive operation of RTG equipment.

Safe Working Environment
  1. Responsible to maintain a safe and clean working environment. Strike to achieve zero LTI and drive the safety culture in the terminal.
  2. Monitor and enforce all HSSE requirements when carrying out work.
Preventive Maintenance Deployment
  1. Shift Preventive Maintenance Deployment
  2. Propose and implement improvement on equipment for reliable performance.
Preventive Maintenance Supervision
  1. Supervise and lead planned maintenance or repair works carried out by technicians or contractors or OEM
  2. Ensure that the works are done according to schedule, procedures and specifications.
  3. Supervise the function test
  4. Inspection on equipment to ensure completion of all scheduled maintenance activities.
  5. Systems troubleshooting for equipment as and when required.
Preventive Maintenance Verification
  1. Check and confirm all maintenance activities and repair works have been carried out according to the agreed quality standard.
  2. Verified maintenance check list as prepared by Technician.
Preventive Maintenance Evaluation
  1. Analyze breakdown report and rectify the issues during maintenance.
  2. Work closely with planners to review the effectiveness of the maintenance plan (tracking the maintenance planned against actual work, backlogs and etc).
RTG Reliability
  1. To identify and monitor on the reliability of improvement projects as per project milestone.
Technical Capability
  1. To determine suitable training need (Training matrix) for the subordinate in order to improve the competency.
  2. Provide on the job training for Technicians as and when required.
Role replacement
  1. Any other duties that assigned by superior which not stated at the above-mentioned to achieve the departmental and sectional objectives. At times cover the Duty Manager when he is not around.
  2. Prepare and evaluate PMDS for subordinates.
  3. Prepare warranty claim reports.
  1. Possess a Diploma/ Degree in Mechanical or Electrical / Electronic Engineering or its equivalent/ relevant experience.
  2. At least 3 years’ experience in engineering field.
  3. Able to communicate and coordinate with third party (like contractors, Original Equipment Manufacturer or Consultants).
  4. Possess good experience in both areas of mechanical and electrical.
  5. Able to carry out engineering troubleshooting work with minimal supervision.
  6. Have strong analytical skill to tackle technical problems.
  7. Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  8. Highly motivated and able to work independently.
  9. Able to manage a group of technicians.
  10. Resourceful, well organized, possess initiative and leadership with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  11. Computer literate and fluent in English and Malay (verbal and written)
  12. Strong reasoning abilities and sound judgment. Good reporting and registration capability.

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Job Summary

To support Assistant Manager/ Senior Engineer / Senior Executive / Engineer in managing all electrical Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance & CAPEX project in ensuring high reliability for Electrical System.

Job Description
  1. Assist to implement & monitor preventive maintenance & corrective maintenance for electrical systems including HM, UPS, SCADA, E-Block, Reefer, Street Light, Building Lightings, SCTS, High Bay, & etc. accordance with maintenance schedule and report any irregularities.Availability & reliability of Equipment
  2. Assist to analyze reactive & proactive work progress data for improvement.
  3. Assist to manage spare part inventory for electrical related area.
  4. To submit continuous in-house improvement activity
  5. Responsible and attend to “on-call” duty, major breakdown or emergency promptly.
  6. To ensure safety standard are complied with throughout the department.Safety Maturity Score
  7. Shall ensure all work complied with all local legislation such as Electricity Supply Act 1990, Electricity Regulations 1994, Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulation (EMEER 2008), OSHA, FMA, and PTP requirements
  8. To record and report all findings on unsafe system and non-conformance of these act/ regulation to superior.
  9. Responsible on duties as stated in Local Legislation such as Electricity Supply Act 1990 and Electricity Regulation 1994
  10. To perform any other duties as directed by superior from time to time.
  11. Responsible for the implementation of Information Security (IS) and IT Policies that reflect the organization’s needs with regard to the protection of information and assets and the integrity and privacy of the organization’s intellectual property.
  1. Possess a minimum Diploma in Electrical Engineering or electrician certified or equivalent.
  2. 1 – 2 years working experience.
  3. Possess electrical maintenance skills
  4. Ability to handle electrical breakdown and troubleshoot in safety manner
  5. Possess a keen eye for details and accuracy
  6. Possess the capability in record keeping and excellent in MS Office applications
  7. Possess good communication and writing in English and Malay
  8. Able to work in a team
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Job Summary

To carry out planned equipment maintenance and repair works according to good engineering practice.

Job Description
  1. To carry out the planned maintenance works on the equipment as per the maintenance plan.
  2. Update the maintenance checklists upon completion of work the same day of the execution job.
  3. Collect material from warehouse related to the work order or otherwise assign by supervisor.
  4. Work reliably and effectively without close supervision, to the appropriate codes of practice
  5. To update Superior if experiencing any issues related to the maintenance work as soon as possible to ensure all work order will be completed in timely manner
  6. Identification of corrective work, identify problems and apply appropriate methods to identify causes and achieve satisfactory solutions
  7. To give proper feedback to the team leader/ planner if any abnormalities found during the maintenance.
  8. Highlight to Team Leader on any reconditioning works
  9. Ensure workplace cleanliness and conduct 5S upon completion of the work order
  10. Keep all tools proper and good working condition.
  11. To actively suggest any improvements on work procedures and equipment improvements.
  12. To use engineering knowledge and understanding to apply technical and practical skills.
  13. Always review and select appropriate techniques, procedures and methods to undertake tasks
  1. Possess a minimum Diploma in Electrical Engineering or electrician certified or equivalent.
  2. 1 – 2 years working experience.
  3. Possess electrical maintenance skills
  4. Ability to handle electrical breakdown and troubleshoot in safety manner
  5. Possess a keen eye for details and accuracy
  6. Possess the capability in record keeping and excellent in MS Office applications
  7. Possess good communication and writing in English and Malay
  8. Able to work in a team

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Job Summary
  1. Candidate must possess or currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma in Mechanical Engineering , Industrial Hygiene or any similar field
  2. CGPA: At least 3.00 and above
  3. Language proficiency: English for both writing & communication skills (good/moderate to proficiency level)
  4. Benefits: Monthly allowance (No accommodation and no transportation)
  5. Month required: 3 - 6 months
Areas of Specialization

Plumbing and sanitary building

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  1. Ensures that the maintenance and or remedial works of quay cranes are maintained in a cost effective manner, with consideration given to quality and longer duration of maintenance free equipment.
  2. Monitor the maintenance and repair of all the quay cranes and/ or RTGs (electrical, electronic and mechanical).
  3. Ensure that the equipment is maintained in a safe and reliable working condition in accordance with planned preventive maintenance programme and to identify and rectify repetitive problems.
  4. Professionally and systematically defines, develops, monitors and refines quay cranes and RTGs maintenance plan that includes:
    • Value-added preventive maintenance tasks.
    • Effective utilization of predictive and other non-destructive testing methodologies designed to identify and isolate inherent reliability problems.
  5. Ensure that breakdowns are attended to and rectified promptly and to make sure that follow-up work is undertaken as necessary.
  6. Ensure that the repair work does not affect the overall operational efficiency of the terminal.
  7. Liaise with planning for the scheduling of maintenance programme and to provide feedback with a goal to continual improvement.
  8. Recommend and develop overall improvements to equipment; Develops engineering solutions to repetitive failures and all other problems that adversely affect crane operations. These problems include capacity, quality, cost or regulatory compliance issues.
  9. Provides input to a risk management plan that will anticipate reliability-related and non-reliability-related risks that could adversely impact crane operations.
  10. Ensures that planning, scheduling, and unscheduled repairs are carried out efficiently and cost effectively, with quality service.
  11. Prepare the section budget and able to contribute in the Department yearly budget preparation.
  12. Oversees the administrative requirements of the crane section, including warranty obligations, inspection records, manual updates, equipment defect reports, maintenance services, policies, procedures, and practices.
  13. Reviews and recommends updates to maintenance services policies and procedures to ensure quality, reliability, and efficiencies.
  14. The position is expected to constantly contribute to improve work processes, methods & improve technical efficiency of cranes.
  15. Setting his team yearly KPIs aligning with department and division ones
  16. Provides supervision and direction for the maintenance staff including the following:
    • Monitor and develop immediate staff to ensure technical skills necessary for maintenance of complex plan items
    • Provides direction and instruction to subordinate staff, providing regular feedback and regular appraisals.
    • Counsels subordinates, up to and including discipline or termination recommendations.
    • Follows company management policies and procedures in the application of managing subordinates.
  17. Maintains an effective safety program, coordinating safety training with HSE Department; ensures all injuries are reported timely, properly investigated, and measures taken to prevent future injuries.
  18. Able to establish the training plan for his team.
  19. Advice concerned contractor on re-warranty claim for the failure of equipment subject to internal discussion and agreement from Head of Department/ Division.
  20. Assisting the person in charge in estimating for any damages/repairs
  21. Supervise Subcontractors work on site
  22. Performs other related duties as required.
  1. Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor Degree or Professional qualification in Engineering field – Mechanical/ Electrical or its equivalent
  2. Possess at least 5 years' experience of leading big teams in QC/RTG maintenance section in any container terminal ports,
  3. A specialist in maintenance and repair of quay cranes(ZPMC cranes), RTGs, spreaders or related equipment including specific knowledge of electrical, electronic and mechanical and related subjects with not less than 15 years' field experience .
  4. Wide range knowledge in PLC and drive control system and over all container terminal cranes control, hydraulic and mechanical systems.
  5. Must be able to exercise good judgment in order to set priorities.
  6. Must be customer service oriented, sensitive to the needs of the departments and others.
  7. Requires intermediate to advanced verbal and written communications skills in English, in addition to effective interpersonal skills & knowledge of the local language.
  8. Requires exceptional time management skills, due to fast-moving, demanding work environment.

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Job Description
  1. Communication with Business Owner & Internal Stakeholders on the Contract Administration matters e.g. Contract Renewal, Contract Extension, Variation, Extension of Time, Contract Closure and technical report (follow-up, understand, discuss, advise)
  2. Communication with Contractors on the Performance e.g. Performance Securities, Non-Compliance, Warning, Reminder, Instruction, damage & warranty as well as with Corporate Assurance (issuance, follow-up, discuss/argue)
  3. Construe cases with Contract clauses
  4. Compilation of documentation to formalize/close the Contract and claims cases
  5. Maintaining Contract and damage or warranty master database & conversion into a meaningful periodical reporting & reminder
  1. Diploma/Bachelor Degree in Quantity Surveying, Mechanical or Structural or Electrical Engineering, Finance or equivalent
  2. CGPA: At least 3.00 and above
  3. Have a basic knowledge in Microsoft Office 365, AI tool e.g. Chat GPT, Google Bard
  4. Attractive allowance up to RM1,200 per month
  5. Month required: 4 - 6 months

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Job Description
  1. Designing of awareness raising materials
  2. Assisting in compiling and monitoring completion rates data for training rolled out
  3. Arranging and coordinating training and awareness raising sessions
  4. Supervising various deadlines e.g., training completion deadlines, follow-ups
  5. Assisting in special projects e.g., events, seminars, training etc
  6. Assisting in the drafting of articles/ awareness raising materials ex: Compliance boards; e-newsletter etc
  7. Any other ad-hoc task that would be assigned from time to time
  1. Diploma/Bachelor Degree in Law, Secretarial, Business Management and Administration, Social Science or Humanities or equivalent
  2. CGPA: At least 3.00 and above
  3. Have a basic knowledge in Microsoft Office 365
  4. Attractive allowance up to RM1,200 per month
  5. Month required: 4 - 6 months

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Job Description
  1. Designing of awareness raising materials
  2. Aiding with the monitoring of risk profiles and updating data
  3. Arranging and coordinating engagement sessions with business owners for updating of risk profiles company-wide
  4. Assisting in coordinating and arranging simulation exercises
  5. Assisting in special projects e.g., events, seminars, training etc
  6. Assisting in the drafting of articles/ awareness raising materials
  7. Assisting in reviewing and updating departmental BCP
  8. Any other ad-hoc task that would be assigned from time to time
  1. Diploma/Bachelor Degree in Law, Secretarial, Business Management and Administration, Social Science or Humanities or equivalent
  2. CGPA: At least 3.00 and above
  3. Have a basic knowledge in Microsoft Office 365
  4. Attractive allowance up to RM1,200 per month
  5. Month required: 4 - 6 months

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Job Summary
  1. Pilot vessels within PTP Port Limits and respond to any marine emergencies.
Job Description
  1. Achieved section objective.
  2. Initiate and promotes teamwork for continuous improvement.
  3. Timely, Accuracy and Continuity.
  4. Ensure pilotage service meets customer requirement.
  5. Pilotage compliance with local and international regulations.
  6. Assist senior pilots to train trainee pilots.
  1. Possess minimum qualification Class 4 (Master Near Coastal), Deck Officer COC or equivalent or higher with Pilot License from other ports (any class) or license by Johor Port Authority after successfully undergoing Trainee Pilot program.
  2. Possess unrestricted pilot license from Johor Port Authority.
  3. Deck Officer with at least 1-year experience.
  4. Knowledge and skilful in ship handling and ship stability.
  5. Good knowledge in the environment of local water and rules.
  6. Knowledge in Local and International Convention, rules, regulations, acts and laws related to marine.
  7. Knowledge in all marine emergency procedures.
  8. Resourceful, well organized, reasoning abilities and sound judgment.
  9. Computer literate with good command of Bahasa Malaysia and English.
  10. Ability to work in a shift system covering day, night, weekend and holiday duty
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Job Description
  1. Carry out security duty at any location assign.
  2. To conduct traffic control within port of Tanjung Pelepas area.
  3. To conduct checks and supplying fresh water as request by vessel.
  4. To deter any unlawful act or arson by conducting land marine patrol.
  5. To participate in training related activities in security and emergency services matter.
  6. To safeguard company assets and to safeguard essential and sensitive place within Port of Tanjung Pelepas.
  7. Responsible to enforce laws and orders in port area including on security and emergency matters where they are entrusted to carry out.
Minimum educational level requirements:
  1. Minimum Qualification - SPM.
  2. Ability to mix at all levels of people.
  3. Experience in security and as an Auxiliary Police is an added advantage.
  4. Good command of English & Bahasa Malaysia language, and excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
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Job Description
  1. Monitor and carry out the implementation of occupational health and safety that compliant with regulatory or company policy.
  2. Responsible for creating a proactive and safety-focused culture to support the company’s business objectives.
  3. Verify compliance with safety regulations and company standards, and ensure all necessary programs and records are prepared and maintained according to established guidelines.
  4. Carry out inspection and audit for unsafe act and condition. Able to recommend and implement the corrective action.
  5. Ability to manage, carry out, identify, recommend and monitor the corrective actions in the incident investigation.
  6. To design and implement occupational health and safety management systems and programs.
  7. Coordinate and perform workplace risk assessments and routine safety audits, including recommended corrective actions.
  8. Maintain the site in a state of readiness for internal and external audits.
  9. Work with cross functional organizations to improve and develop effective and sustainable solutions for safety challenges, risks and requirements.
  10. Responsible for facilitating and review Risk Assessment to minimize hazards to business & resources.
  1. Candidate must possess Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Engineering, Environmental Science, Chemical Science, Safety Health & Environment or equivalent.
  2. Minimum of 5 year(s) of working experience in the Safety & Health field.
  3. Working knowledge and practical experience in safety regulations, codes, and guidelines
  4. Possess good leadership, team player, organizing and analytical ability, computer literate, work independently, and able to communicate with all level of employees including local authorities.
  5. Knowledge in ISO 45001 implementation and requirements. Certified ISO 45001 auditor is an advantage.
  6. Able to multi-task, flexible, travel and work with minimum supervision.
  7. Good communication, interpersonal, analytical and comprehensive writing skill.
  8. Abe to converse and write in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.
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JOB SUMMARY – Contract Executive

The Project Integration Division (PID) is responsible for all strategic and large capital investments of Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP). As part of PID’s Contract Section, the Contract Executive is responsible to drive a pro-active and integrated approach to contract management, enabling the individual projects to be executed in an aligned and coordinated manner which delivers the best outcome.

Job Description
  1. Assist in the preparation of tender & contract documents and other requirements applicable to the projects.
  2. Assist in supporting the project managers/engineers on contractual matters, including contract management, contract deliverables, variation order management and payments.
  3. Assist in aligning the contracts with the approved project budget, cash flows, and payment transactions.
  4. Assist in resolving contractual and commercial issues with consultants and contractors.
  5. Ensure timely certification to contractors/suppliers as well as close monitoring of contract and cost management.
  6. Collaboration with Project Managers, Project Controls, Finance, Supply Chain and Legal.
  7. To implement all policies, guidelines, procedures, and instructions as relevant and required by the standard operating procedures.
  1. Degree in Quantity Surveying/Engineering or related discipline.
  2. 1-3 year of working experience in a related field is required for this position.
  3. Good knowledge of contract administration, cost control, pre & post contract procedures & practices and familiarity with industry-standard contract forms and procurement processes.
  4. Knowledge or exposure to working with FIDIC forms of contract is preferable, although it is not a pre-requisite.
  5. Experience in marine construction or equipment is an added advantage.
  6. Proficient with MS Office suite.
  7. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Malay.
  8. Possess good interpersonal skills, proactive and able to work independently.
  9. Demonstrate excellent time management skills.
  10. Effectively execute other duties assigned by the Head of Section / Supervisor.

With the upcoming Civil & Equipment projects, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) intends to hire a Project Manager (M&E) as part of the Project Integration Division (PID) team, which is responsible for the strategic and significant capital investments of PTP. The objective of the Project Manager is to serve as the central point of coordination and leadership, ensuring efficient project delivery and the stakeholders' satisfaction.
He/she will play a crucial role to drive and oversee the planning, execution, and successful completion of projects. Not limited to that, he/she also will facilitate effective communication among team members, monitor progress, mitigate risks, and ensure that project goals are met within the defined scope and timeline.

Why Join Us

Port of Tanjung Pelapas (PTP) is Malaysia’s most advanced port and ranks 15th globally, by handling 11.2 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in 2021. As we continue to increase our port handling capacity, PTP has initiated a number of strategic projects and programs to optimise, expand and decarbonise its footprint and introduce and integrate new and improved technologies, such as automation, digitization and energy alternatives. We invite all suitable candidates to apply and join our team of innovative and knowledgeable professionals.

Job Description
  1. To manage and communicate the delivery of designated projects with all stakeholders and to perform the project works safely within agreed timeframes, budget, scope, and quality.
  2. Define project objectives, scope, and deliverables, detailed project plans, including timelines, milestones, and resource allocation in line with the PID project framework.
  3. Coordinate and lead cross-functional project teams, ensuring effective collaboration and communication.
  4. Participate in a tender team and lead the analysis and evaluation of the bidder’s proposals.
  5. Monitor project progress, track key metrics, and proactively identify and address issues or risks.
  6. anage project budgets, expenses, and resource utilization, ensuring adherence to financial constraints.
  7. Facilitate effective communication among team members and stakeholders.
  8. Provide leadership and guidance to project team members, fostering a positive and productive work environment.
  9. Conduct regular project status meetings, prepare progress reports, and present updates to stakeholders.
  10. Ensure project deliverables meet quality standards and stakeholders’ expectations.
  11. Evaluate project outcomes, identify areas for improvement, and implement lessons learned for future projects.
  12. Effectively execute other duties assigned by the Supervisor.
  1. Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Electrical/ Mechanical or any Engineering related field.
  2. At least 10 -15 years of work experience with a minimum of 5 years in a Project Manager role.
  3. Proven track record experience as a Project Manager, successfully delivering projects on time and within budget.
  4. Proven track record in project management and ability to manage multiple assignments and stakeholders at the same time. PMP certification or similar project management certifications are preferred.
  5. Experience within the port environment, managing port equipment projects such as quay cranes and Rubber-Tyred Gantry cranes is an asset.
  6. Strong knowledge of project management methodologies, tools, and best practices.
  7. Excellent leadership and team management skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire others.
  8. Ability to work independently, exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills, ability to build strong working relationships and work collaboratively.
  9. Strong presentation skills and highly organised, able to communicate effectively and interact with senior leaders or executives.
  10. Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, with a keen attention to detail.
  11. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Bahasa Melayu.
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Perform an array of functions that may include receiving and processing incoming stock and materials, picking and filling orders from stock, packing and issuance of orders, or managing, organizing and retrieving stock in the warehouse.

Job Duties - Inbound
  1. Loading and unloading goods for each delivery.
  2. Checking that the correct quantity and type of goods have been received.
  3. Recording any damaged, missing or faulty goods.
  4. Moving the goods to the correct area in the warehouse, either manually or using mechanical handling equipment.
  5. Labelling Goods and update location in system.

Job Duties - Outbound
  1. Picking goods that have been ordered.
  2. Keeping records of goods which have been picked.
  3. Moving and stacking goods ready for delivery and update transaction in system.

Storage and Stock Control
  1. Allocating storage space to goods.
  2. Relocating and re-stacking goods to make space for a new delivery.
  3. Keeping records (often computerized) of goods, their location and quantity.

General Responsibilities
  1. Compliance with security procedures and health & safety.
  2. Maintaining the warehouse in a tidy state and clearing away packing material and debris.
  3. Quality control of goods in and/or goods out.
  4. Perform risk assessment and mitigate risks, issues and problems.

  1. To understand whole "trace and track" system of inventory and have knowledge about warehouse racking including bin location, zoning, etc..
  2. Understand returns process, handling return and perform consolidation and cross docking.
  3. Understand and perform accident recording and reporting.
  4. Perform stock counting and stock take periodically.
  5. Using computerized systems, barcode scanners and other technology to record goods’ movement. (which applicable)

SPM / Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia / Certificate in Warehouse or any fields.

Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in warehouse operations activities in a servicing sector.

  1. Warehouse receiving / issuance process, housekeeping (5S).
  2. Forklift Handling.
  3. Good written and spoken in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  4. Computer literate and proficient in MS Office.
  5. Resourceful and well organized.
  6. Possess good interpersonal skills and able to work with minimum supervision.
Job Descriptions & Responsibilities

This position will support operations by monitoring and analyzing master data, key data, and master relationship data within the organization.

  • Create, modify, and maintain item master data, to ensures master data integrity in ERP systems as well as maintaining the processes to support the data quality.
  • Create, modify and maintain accurate and reliable Bill of Materials (BOM) for terminal equipment (QC, RTG, Spreader, Empty Handle and etc).
  • Responsible in maintaining Phase-in / Phase-out (PIPO) data to ensure master data are always updating with latest and available product specification according to OEM.
  • Identifies areas of improvements for data quality and helps to resolve data quality issues through the appropriate choice of error detection and correction, process control and improvement, or process design strategies.
  • Manages, analyzes, and resolves data initiative issues and manages revisions needed to best meet internal and customer requirements while adhering to published data standards.
  • Work closely with the business/IT to ensure alignment of master data rules and the operations of the application meet all requirements.
  • Assists in the application and implementation procedures of data standards and guidelines on data ownership, coding structures, and data replication to ensure access to and integrity of data sets.
  • Conducts data cleaning to rid the system of old, unused data, or duplicate data for better management and quicker access.
  • Implementing processes for data governance such as data quality checks and data audits
  • Maintaining good communication and working together with internal stakeholder (Supply Chain Div., Engineering & Facility Div., Project Integration Div. & Information Technology Div.) also OEM to ensure all data and information in master data are reliable and valid.
  • Perform other related duties as required and or as assigned by superior.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education in electrical engineering, data management, computer science or related field preferred.
  • 3-4 years of experience in master data management using ERP / MRP system.
  • Experience in Bill of Material (BOM) Management
  • Preferable for those who has experience in production or manufacturing planning.
  • Good personal computer and business solutions software skills.
  • Good communication skills to communicate with customers, team members, external data providers, and management.
  • Good skills in data administration and documentation
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
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Job Descriptions & Responsibilities
  • To maintain adequate levels of stock to meet daily demands while minimizing excess supply by performing Forecast Management, PIPO/VAVE Management, Inventory Strategy and to work very closely with the Warehouse team, Engineering & Facilities Department, Procurement & Tender Secretariat, Project Integration, Operation team to improve and achieve high level of inventory control in order to support Supply Chain Department to achieve level of supply ability.
  • Maintain a positive attitude that promotes teamwork within the cooperative and a favourable image of the cooperative.
  • Develop the potential future managers by mentoring and enrichment.
  • Monitors, manage and control a Material Planning Section including to provide training to all subordinates of all planning team in various system.
  • Ensure all Supply Chain processes are compliance to all business requirements.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to perform various strategies and coordinate with Engineering & Facilities Department, Project Integration Department, Operation Department to monitor all supply chain activities and resolve all availability issues.
  • Maintains optimally efficient of all inventory items such as spare part, tools and consumable.
  • Tertiary Qualifications in Commercial Degree / Inventory/Panning/ Supply Chain/Procurement /Engineering is essential.
  • Minimum 7 - 10 years’ experience in progressive Inventory/ Planning Management experience or another related field
  • Significant experience in converting business requirements into strategic outcomes.
  • Experience in managing a dynamic and multi-disciplined team.
  • Experience in managing multiple stakeholder relationships through high level collaboration and negotiation.
  • MRP/ERP system experience
  • Knowledge in Inventory strategies (ABCXYZ Analysis, Safety Stock, Reorder Point, etc.
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  1. To maintain adequate levels of stock to meet daily demands while minimizing excess supply and to work very closely with the Warehouse team, Engineering and Facilities Department and Procurement team to improve and achieve high level of inventory control in order to support Supply Chain Department to achieve level of supply ability.
  2. To engage among stakeholders on any related matters to Warehouse daily operation issues.
  3. To provide training and re training for new or existing warehouse staffs on Warehouse SOPs
  4. To initiate & lead any Kaizen project in Warehouse Operation
  5. Proficient in Warehouse Management System.
  6. To generate and prepare all types of Inventory Reports required by the management and other users of inventory reports.
  7. To generate and publish daily, weekly and monthly KPI Reports to the management.
  1. Candidate must possess at least bachelor’s degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in any field.
  2. Minimum 5 years experiences in Warehouse Management
  3. Possess leadership, independent and mature.
  4. Microsoft package knowledge
  5. Analytical skills and problem solving oriented.
  6. Self-motivated and focused on details and results with attitude towards changes.
  7. Flexibility and resilience in case of difficult situations and time constraints
  8. Proficient in ERP system
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  1. To contribute to the efficiency of the overall business by ensuring all assigned administrative duties are carried on timely and efficiently.
  2. Full understand the department needs to achieve department’s objectives.
  3. Resourceful and forward thinking individual eager to work as the administration representative for the department.
  4. Maintains adequate stocks and supplies of stationery and groceries for the departmental consumption.
  5. Maintains office equipment and facilities in the department.
  6. Attend to department maintenance such as IT error or problem and office maintenance. i.e: Issue IT-ticket or ITSR and maintenance ticket to Facility Hotline.
  7. Assist in preparing cover letter and/or memo to vendors, government agencies and other related parties.
  8. Assist in compilation of supporting document for other Sections.
  9. Carries out reception duties including handling phone calls, screen and redirect when appropriate.
  10. Facilities and setup for any staff gathering, workshops, engagement programs or any other activities involving internal or external parties.
  1. A good Degree or Diploma from recognised IPTA / IPTS.
  2. Fresh graduates are acceptable but preferably with working experience in related field for 1-2 years.
  3. Familiar with material flow and procurement process.
  4. Able to do sourcing and have basic negotiation and expediting skills.
  5. Have some knowledge on vendor management.
  6. Communication and inter-personal skills.
  7. Filing and records keeping skills will be an advantage.
  8. To perform other general administration work within the department.
  9. Result orientated, confident, and high efficiency in time management.

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Job Description
  1. Familiar with Procurement / Tender process flow.
  2. To assist the HOS, Procurement & Tender in directing the executions of all procurement policies, procedures and initiatives to ensure cost-effective, timely and on-time delivery of goods and services in meeting PTP business goals in accordance to PTP and statutory requirements.
  3. Responsible of producing quality tender submission, best possible bid for the company via tender process in line with the Procurement SOP and CPM.
  4. To assists the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives in Procurement & Tender
  5. Good Problem-Solving skills
  6. To conduct good Cost-Analysis towards commercial and pricing in tender proposals.
  7. Responsible in maintaining good communication with internal and external stakeholders.
  8. Comply with and maintain knowledge of applicable rules, regulations, standards, and best practices
  1. Minimum Degree in Procurement/Supply Chain/Business Management or any other related and equivalent certifications.
  2. Minimum 3 years’ experience in Procurement / Tender management.
  3. Preferably Executives specializing in Purchasing/Tender or equivalent.
  4. Candidate must possess good communication and interpersonal skill, strong character, outspoken and independent.
  5. Candidates must be good in Business Writing, Cost Analysis and Pricing Tabulation.
  6. Proficient in use of MS Office Applications
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Primary Position Objective

To work together with the management of Commercial and Business Development towards meeting yearly budget and goals. Plan and develop marketing strategies in attracting new and potential customers to ensure customer satisfaction on the services offered, departmental targets are achieved and complying with company policy.

Functional Management
  1. Servicing key customers to ensure customer satisfaction & retention.
  2. Research & development on key customer targets and potential.
  3. Assist in other business development activities.

Degree preferably in Marketing, Business Administration and Economics.


Minimum 5 years in Marketing, Shipping and Logistics Industry and environment.

  1. Excellent command of English & Malay.
  2. Excellent writing skills.
  3. Working knowledge of IT.
  4. Dynamic and innovative thinking are required.
  5. Responsible for executing tactical marketing strategies and identifying new business.
  6. Opportunities to achieve the company’s targeted revenue targets.

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