Health, Safety and Environment

PTP operates in a high-risk industry, with people interacting intensively with heavy equipment, heavy loads and hazardous cargo. Since its establishment, PTP’s healthy organic growth has required constant expansion of the port to cater to business demands. These expansion cycles commonly involve an increase in workforce, equipment, operations, and functional space. Each process adds to the complexity, uncertainty and risks in the workplace and working environment.

Realising this, PTP has always taken an adaptive and dynamic approach towards creating a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, customers and all port users. Regarding environmental sustainability, we are shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach beyond legislation. We plan and manage operations with future expansion in mind, in harmony with the surroundings and nature.

We are committed and are guided by PTP’s Policy on Health, Safety and Environment in conducting all activities with zero harm to people and the environment.


We are on a five-year safety transformation journey to transition from a compliance-focused organisation to a learning organisation with the goal that everyone shares common ideas, perceptions, values, and responsibilities in safety. The result is a high-performing staff that demonstrates that they not only comprehend the importance of safety but also give it top priority inside their company.

Safety is one of our core values at PTP, and we actively promote it in our operation, service providers and contractors across our terminal.


Our company is only as healthy as our workforce. Therefore, PTP promotes a terminal-wide focus on health and safety practices among our employees, on and off the job. Throughout the year, we conduct numerous initiatives such as campaigns and events across our company and local communities to promote healthy lifestyle choices and raise awareness of critical health issues. From occupational-related disease to personal health and hygiene, we ensure that our people have the knowledge and health quality they deserve.


We consider environmental performance integral to sustainable business performance. We continuously work towards improving operational activity to reduce our environmental impact.

PTP is located at the Pulai River with the largest riverine mangrove belt in Peninsular Malaysia, which is a natural heritage home for endangered species, namely the Long-tailed Macaque, Smooth Otter, Mangrove Pitta and the Mangrove Blue Flycatcher. Pulai River estuary is designated as a Ramsar site.

The impact of PTP’s operations and development, if uncontrolled, will bring about the degradation of the ecology in the Pulai River. Therefore, PTP also embarks on habitat protection measures to preserve this natural wealth for future generations.