PTP was gazette as National Key Area (Priority No. 1) in February 2001 and a Protected Area on the 26th of August 2002. Thus, security is our main concern. Our focus emphasizes safeguarding the port against any incident of security that might result in a threat, sabotage, and disruption to the company's operations.

Our dedication to create a secure workplace guided with PTP's Security Policy ensures that our company activities comply with local and international laws, regulations, and ISPS code requirements.

Aligned with the borderless technology, PTP is fully equipped with an Integrated Security Monitoring System which consists of :

  • PTP Access Control System (PTPACS)
  • Visitor Management System
  • Multiple Types of CCTV (equipped with analytics functionality)
  • ACS Monitoring and Headcount System
  • Vaultpro

As National Key Area Directive requires, our port area is fully secured by auxiliary police trained and appointed by Royal Malaysia Police (RMP).


Drugs, Substance Abuse and Alcohol

The use of drugs and alcohol that endangers the safety of personnel, property and the workplace environment is strictly prohibited.

To ensure that the security of people, properties and working environment within PTP is always maintained at the highest level, all port users must be physically fit and not influenced by alcohol or drug abuse.

Due to the nature of high-risk industrial activities within our area, all port users are subject to various tests due to the following conditions:

  • Post Accidents
  • Random/unannounced test
  • Reasonable suspicion

Working or driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or substance abuse is prohibited. The offenders will be taken out of the area immediately.